Mr. Domiano

Last Updated: August 16, 2016 at 2:42 am

Title: Assistant Administrator
Subject(s): 6-8th Grade Social Studies, 6th & 8th Grade Science, & 8th Grade Homeroom
Hobbies: Unsigned Music, Web Design, & Dek Hockey
College: Slippery Rock University of PA
High School: Kiski Area School District
E-mail me:
My Website:
Certifications: K-6 Elementary Education & Middle Level Science 7-9

Mission Statement

My mission as St. Sebastian Regional School Assistant Administrator and Teacher is to provide our students with a safe and exciting learning environment where they learn and excel. I will do this by providing lessons and projects that use various types of differentiated instruction and hands on activities. The students are given the chance to control their own topics and overall design of the project. This allows them to provide individualism, excitement, and creativity within our curriculum.

5 Rules of thumb in my class

  1. Feet on the floor and still
  2. Hands working quietly and carefully
  3. Ears listening at all times
  4. Eyes on your own work or on the speaker
  5. If you wish to answer a question, volunteer, or make fun of one of my stupid jokes raise your hands

Homework Rules

  1. Completed homework is USUALLY worth 5pts.
    • If you are absent or not in my class for any reason, homework is due the very next time you are present in my class.
    • If you miss my class, you are responsible for finding out what the homework is and completing it in a timely manner.
  2. Homework can be turned in 1 day late (when in class on the due date) for 1/2 credit
  3. Anything turned in later than 1 day can result in 0pts.

Science Rules

  1. You will not play with the laboratory equipment or materials.
  2. You will not behave in a disruptive or dangerous manner that will interfere with another student’s right to learn
  3. You will protect your eyes, face, and hands while taking part in lab activities by wearing safety goggles, gloves, or other needed safety gear.
  4. You will only work at your assigned area.
  5. You will follow all written and oral directions. You will wait until you get permission to start an experiment.
  6. You will not carry out any unassigned experiments without my permission.
  7. You will not eat, drink, or taste anything in the lab. This includes food and drink as well as any chemicals.
  8. You will wash your hands well after using chemicals and lab equipment. When using chemicals, you will not touch your mouth, lips, or eyes until you have washed your hands.
  9. You will report any injuries or accidents to me immediately.