Mrs. Stockey

Important Dates: 


Stay safe and well, and I can’t wait to see you soon!!

Language Arts: 

SuperKid – Hot Rod – creating his own “hot rod” is his favorite thing to do.  What did he name his new race car?


/h/ sound at the beginning of words


Print and Book awareness – parts of a book

characters, setting, problem


punctuation – interrogative, declarative sentences



SplashLearn (math) assignments are updated daily.

breaking apart numbers

Making groups – introduction to addition

problem solving

Sight Words:

September: I, a, is, in, the, and, to

October: for, on, you,  red, orange

November: blueyellow, black, green, purple, brown

he, that, of, it, are, as, his, was,

December: they, with, at, all, said

January: at, can, not, we, be, by, but, from, had, this, or, have,

February: one, what, were, when, words, your, said, an, do, will, your, we, all,

March: an, do, will, out, if, up, about, so, them, many, these, then, there, use, their, other, each, she, how, which