American Sign Language

Grades K-6

Alphabet: A-Z, name, “My name what? (finger-spell name)

Bonus point opportunity (4): sign the alphabet on both hands at the same time!

Numbers: 1-10

Colors: Red, Orange, Yellow, Green Blue, Purple, Pink, White, Black, Brown, and Grey, Colors, Favorite, “My favorite color, what? (sign specific color)”

Family & Extended Family: Mom, Dad, Grandmother, Grandfather, Grandparents, Grandchildren, Grandson, Granddaughter, Niece, Nephew, Girl, Boy, Sibling, Sister, Brother, Baby, Uncle, Aunt, Cousin, Family, Parents, Son, Daughter, Children, Kids, Marry, Husband, Wife, Home, “My family how many? (sign specific number)”

Conversations/Greetings: hello, goodbye, start, finish, ready, how are you?, good, bad, fine, soso/alright, okay, great/wonderful, what’s up?, nothing, not a lot, a lot/how many, my name is, busy, nice to meet you, yes, no, Deaf, hearing, hard of hearing, I want, I understand, I don’t understand, please, sorry, thank you, slow, again/repeat, see you later

Time: morning, afternoon, night, second, minute, hour, day, week, month, year

Sports: soccer, football, baseball, basketball, volleyball, hockey, lacrosse, softball, tennis, skiing, ice skating, snowboarding, sledding, cheerleading, dance, swim, run, walk, wrestling, play, game, challenge, win, lose, tie, practice,team, join, quit, coach, referee, player, watch

Sport Phrases: Good game, our team, my team, your team, skilled, not skilled, good luck, lucky, throw, catch, serve, try, fun, water, congratulations. Signing “My favorite sport, what?”

School   Signs: class, education, teach, teacher, learn, student, building, room, classroom, schedule, period, time, late, homework, due, project, study, practice, paper, test, exam, book, read, write, review, question, answer/response, correct/right, incorrect/wrong, Pre-school, Kindergarten, math, science, history, social studies, language, reading, English, poetry, gym, art, music, lunch, cafeteria, office, principal

Animals: tiger, bull, snake, lion, donkey, bee, frog, alligator, turtle, fish, mouse, bat, bear, beaver, bird, bison, bug, butterfly, caterpillar, cow, deer, dog, dolphin, eagle, elephant, fox, giraffe, gorilla, hippo, horse, jellyfish, llama, monkey, octopus, owl, penguin, pig, rhino, rooster, seal, shark, spider, squirrel, walrus, whale, wolf, worm, zebra, kangaroo, lobster, raccoon, duck, turkey, rabbit, cat, goat, rabbit LINK