2nd Grade

 Mar. 18 – 22, 2019

Monday –  Review spelling & vocabulary for tests tomorrow

Tuesday –  Reading vocab. & spelling tests today

Wednesday – No tests

Thursday – Bring in Baptism items to share today

  • Review Math S. S. lessons # 85-88 for quiz tomorrow

Friday –  S.S. quiz today (# 85 – 88)

 Concepts of study:   Math – Money & Time & Simple Solutions daily lessons Spelling/Phonics – Words with  -ing & -ed; long vowel words

Soc. St.  – Landforms & states, countries, continents  English/Grammar –  Irregular verbs (past-tense verbs not ending in -ed) & Writing activities  ; Reading – Superkids chapter 22 Religion – Sacraments & Lent  Science – Earth materials


  • You may use Splash Math to practice math skills at home.  Log in information should be in the front of your child’s take home folder.
  • We will have Phys. Ed. on Mondays & Fridays so wear gym clothes to school on these days.
  • We are always reviewing basic addition/subtraction facts in math.  In order to strengthen your child’s recall of basic facts (and to help your son/daughter commit those facts to memory), it may be a good idea to practice with flashcards at home for a few minutes each day.
  • Your child should have a book to read for school-wide daily silent reading time (SSR).  Books can be chosen from our classroom and school libraries or they may bring one in from home also.