2nd Grade

Week of Sept. 16 – 20, 2019

Monday – Review Spelling words (pronouns list)  for test tomorrow

Tuesday – Spelling  test today

Wednesday – Write new spelling words two times each for homework

Thursday – Review S.S lessons # 9 -12 for quiz tomorrow

Friday Math Simple Solutions quiz on lessons # 9 – 12 today



  • You may send in headphones for use with the ipads at anytime.
  • Begin to check your child’s assignment notebook for tests, assignments, and spelling words

Concepts of study:   Math –  Simple Solutions daily lessons Spelling/Phonics – pronouns list  Soc. St.  – Communities English/Grammar – Sentences & friendly letters Reading – Superkids chap. 1 & 2  Religion –  God’s Promise (Ch. 2) Science – The world around us


  • We are always reviewing basic addition/subtraction facts in math.  In order to strengthen your child’s recall of basic facts (and to help your son/daughter commit those facts to memory), it may be a good idea to practice with flashcards at home for a few minutes each day.